only human

White sheets crisp Stained suddenly by bodily fluids “Clear!” the orders given Pads placed on the chest Upper and lower Sudden shock to the system Realigning reality One heartbeat at a time

hold back the river

Four walls and a yellow door Cost an arm and a leg Yet daily i drive by and gasp at the beauty Of how human hands rebuild from the ground up Every conceivable notion from launching space probes To probing the heart And minds With concepts, quips and tools manufactured All from the wellspring of... Continue Reading →

remember this

“You’ll understand when you’re older” His voice, soothing aching hearts Calming the mind Of the young child Emerald Isle eyes Opening wide to the possibilities That Even in darkness The moon shines brightly Reflecting sunlight A reminder of When The stars were hung in the sky just for her Long before the battle scars were... Continue Reading →

lightning rod

In the void is prohibited Poke its eye out When it stares achingly at you Beckoning with its promises of Welcome change Keep those coins close Sharp suits and ties Keeping tabs on the tabernacle Sacred texts Wisdom of the ages For that knowledge presents itself In every soundless step Up the mountaintop In the... Continue Reading →

red riding hood

I'm not running I'm going back to them Hanging out with the family Running up the hill Do you mind picking up those groceries on the way Stopped short of the end If only to play lute \ lute // flute \ flute Singing a song Wind & stringed instruments Humming along Trilling and thrilling... Continue Reading →

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