Whistling whispers Echo back Simple chords Remind me Of a time not too far back When things were Not what they seemed And smiles were sawblades Cutting trees In the forest On the trail of bald hills Betwixt the mouth of the river And the ocean beyond


A conversational tip toeing Toying with ideas Pulled seemingly out of thin air Hands pumping frantically “Breathe” She said, exhaling Into my mouth I coughed three times Water froth foaming at the mouth A mad dog - wild eyed and frenetic “You’re here now” she whispered in my ear Holding me tight Reminding me that... Continue Reading →

benjamin gate

Red moon crescent is Affixed high in the night sky Cheshire Cat grinning & I sat with Matthew His brothers Mark, Luke & John Discussing the Words & King James was his name And from his book sprouted forth Five chapters in verse In First chapter verse three Patience is a virtue here Not my... Continue Reading →

in the garden

Llessur calls it MIRWORShort for miracle workingA shorthand For the long gameTaking names In vainDare to dream Of more than what it seemsShouldn't take too much longerWe're off our rockers Rocking outWaiting for one to pound it out Wailing Deliver us from evilOr absolve us of our sinsWouldn't it be greatTo speak the truth Instead... Continue Reading →

little engine that could

I feel your hands on my cheeks Warm welcome familiar You can do this Yes you can Keep going The train does not stop on the tracks The rails go on and on for miles Many paths to take All of them Are valid Yes

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