apples & heart shaped boxes

Couldn’t recall the Spanish word for apple – it’s manzana by the way

Bit zany trying to keep all the words squared away

Like herding cats

I heard these cats carefully

Crafting creations, calmly cooking cockeyed crossing eyes and

What’s this curious wry cat doing

Playing with strings

Dangling treats in front of my eyes

Silly human nature

Five terms and conditions to be met

As if tempting me to play

Focus forward, eyes aware

Difference between apple and pear shaped

Bearing slightly more than mere annunciation

Bordering on articulation

Yet the fallen core so much so

Beyond what the arms could reach

Perhaps a ladder is in order

“We’re all out of ladders dear, wanna try something else?”

No sir, I don’t much care for anything else

What about a walk in the park

When a few laps around the pool will do
Just fine

Let us reflect on this concept

At least until the sun rises again

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