ballad of the bard

For room and board the bard cracking knuckles Sings a tune off key to the hoard of warlocks Cast the die Rolling a 20 First try Critical Hit & His Long sword Cutting deeply Equals that of a paladin Healing Allowing the fight to continue onwards Penetrating the night skies Casting off chain mail and... Continue Reading →

chain mail

There is an ancient Cuneiform tablet Memorializing that Destruction of ur In the form of an ancient song And poem Insofar as we can recall Memory fades eventually All eventualities lead back to the start Is it not the same as before Wielding blue sword Broken pieces mended simply by speaking it into being Let... Continue Reading →

apples & heart shaped boxes

Couldn’t recall the Spanish word for apple - it’s manzana by the way Bit zany trying to keep all the words squared away Like herding cats I heard these cats carefully Crafting creations, calmly cooking cockeyed crossing eyes and What’s this curious wry cat doing Playing with strings Dangling treats in front of my eyes... Continue Reading →

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