warm welcome; well met

It was delicious

Home cooked and stashed away

From the critters that crawl on their legs

Safe temperatures, lead not into temptation

And deliver us from hunger

A starvation of sorts

Out of touch with some sort of

Human conditional term

Perhaps this concept is mirrored

I mean you no harm

We do no harm

And still the whelm appears

Silence! The red queen screams


Oh dear, what’s wrong now

What have we become

Inferences and incendiary devices

Supplanted amongst the wreckage

Let safety be in numbers

And together for the fight

Spear in hand for burning bush

Let light draw out the flames

Don’t take me home tonight

Out of burning wreckage

The hands are lead to heal

Serving saintly clean as whistle

Is what it’s all about

Not obscurant shouts

The twisted chunks of metal

Sparkling gems of glass

For some this is reality

And i am not being so crass

When i say travel safely

I mean these words; so true

For at a moments notice

We’d be lost without you

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