In the grand scheme of things, we are less than the atoms on a grain of sand, cavorting with chaos, panic, and disorders of the mind, body and spirit. Almost as if there is an algorithm at work, yet the blueprints for how the plinko token will fall remains elusive.

What is it about the human condition that connects the dots together?

Are we here to work anonymously? To forgive and forget the names of those who have reached into the bowels of hades to pull us across the river styx? Or worse still, to remember an honor those hot coals, stepped on and over and through? Is it a black and white situation? Or a mix of paint, artistically rendered by a sensational medium?

Is it full of excuses? Full of a range of shotgun blasts and birdshot song? Some would say that ‘Names are unimportant unless someone or something is not doing its/their job’. I would argue, that in order to know something, someone, you need a name.

Not just any name, the proper name, rank, and file; as it were. To give thanks, in a manner that is consistent with the constant change, is hard. Difficult, yet not impossible.

For instance: imagine yourself on a deserted island, alone. To some, this sounds like paradise; others still would find the isolation maddening. To cope, you have nothing but sand for as far as the eyes can see. Perhaps there is a spotting of trees on the horizon. It’s your magical island, and you live there.

A ship arrives, what do you do? Are you a hostile enemy, afraid of loosing control over your tiny sliver of life? Are you willing to explore the boundless seas? Would you jump aboard? Would you run and flee? Cover your eyes and bury the head in the sands?

What if, that ship, unbeknownst to you is a rescue vessel; lost and in need of direction.

What would you do then?

One may have nothing to do with the other, however I find myself answering a question that I didn’t even ask. With information that I didn’t gather, from a source I couldn’t even predict would land me in the spot I’m in now. Trust me, life is a strange and unusual journey. There are things going on that are inexplainable and intractable as absolute gospel truth as it were.

One final question/answer session for this late night.

Q: What keeps you warm at night?

A: Hot coco and warm blankets.

What about you?

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