harlequin & emperor


Trying to stay in my own lane

Had to stop

Do a double take

Where i land is at the end of my rope

Holding on to hope that

Tomorrow will be well met

Book in hand of prophets & patriarchs

The word is as if fortold

I have gone to prepare a place for you

Keeps repeating in my head

A person, place, and this…Thing

Gnawing inside

Chewing over signposts and symbols

What is this answer

To this question

Of life

The universe

& Everything


A tattooed meaning

In symbolism

Demonstration of what we are

Each our own

Version of these

Same repeating themes

Like musical notes

Hanging on a staff

Hold tightly

Afraid to loose control

Once over

Twice shy

I wonder often


I had to scrub that bowl twice

Could be cilantro tastes like soap to some

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