Winter wonderland

Welcome angels taking flight, no end in sight, no signpost of spite

Awash in color, a frenzied pace, keep up; keep up; keep up

The sounds of silence breaking free, pulling through

The wind through the keyhole, eyeless

Among certainty is uncertain

A polished stone reminds

Touch transcendental

Is both a saving grace

And a wretched curse

Break the fourth wall

Climb higher into

The dead pool

Hands placed on the big black book

I solemnly swear

That i am here for the greatest good

To alleviate the suffering of all

Both near and far

Until my dying breath

There is no escaping this fate

No time to waste

Not a moment too soon

Just in time

Tick tick tick

Silver spoons and golden cups

Are not the finest things

Simply place things in the proper order

One small step at a time

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