In the grand scheme of things, we are less than the atoms on a grain of sand, cavorting with chaos, panic, and disorders of the mind, body and spirit. Almost as if there is an algorithm at work, yet the blueprints for how the plinko token will fall remains elusive. What is it about the... Continue Reading →

warm welcome; well met

It was delicious Home cooked and stashed away From the critters that crawl on their legs Safe temperatures, lead not into temptation And deliver us from hunger A starvation of sorts Out of touch with some sort of Human conditional term Perhaps this concept is mirrored I mean you no harm We do no harm... Continue Reading →


Winter wonderland Welcome angels taking flight, no end in sight, no signpost of spite Awash in color, a frenzied pace, keep up; keep up; keep up The sounds of silence breaking free, pulling through The wind through the keyhole, eyeless Among certainty is uncertain A polished stone reminds Touch transcendental Is both a saving grace... Continue Reading →

mirror mirror; blades of glass

Mirror mirror, blades of glass How did we recover, in which class Of situations sitting, together retreat Somewhere along one mulberry street At two we remember the burning of hands The feeling we felt, across wide open lands Such violence we see, left behind three scars We carry this forward, consumed by North Star By... Continue Reading →

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