twinkle twinkle little star

There are a plethora of ways to interpret the signs from ‘the universe’ as I’d like to call it. Humans tend to want to split hairs like apple slices in the morning; or atoms in the evening. We humans have a tendency to be both terrific and terrifying simultaneously at times. For instance: imagine you’re in your city, and you see a human, unkempt and disheveled on a street corner shouting at a street lamp ‘change your mindset, change your life’.

What do you do about that? There are several options available:

  1. Do nothing, they’re ‘crazy’ mad as a hatter, the expression goes
  2. Call the police, they’re dangerous because you are afraid
  3. Interpret the message spoken as a sign from the universe (or whatever deity you choose) and run with it.
  4. Write about the situation and tell no one
  5. Contemplate the inherent flaws betwixt humans, and feel pity, piety or passion to help
  6. Watch the people passing by the individual and have a completely different response
  7. Take a video of it and post it to the social media platform of your choosing
  8. Talk to the human, and find out more about what’s going on
  9. Throw rocks at the human
  10. Join the human in shouting at the street lamp, matching the words
  11. Join the human in shouting at the street lamp, using your own words
  12. Join the human, connect the dots, and connect to services to help

You wouldn’t know the whole story, even if you investigated just a wee bit. We all have a story, some struggle with more than others; and others still struggle without showing any emotion.

We are all woven into the tapestry of life, our threads bare for all to see; isn’t it an odd quark of the universe that way?

We’ve got string theory after all, so we must be an ‘intelligent’ species. We have recursive thought processes, ergo, we must be better than the animals. I laugh when folks claim we’re ‘better’ than anything, if you’ve ever actually worked with animals, they’re quite the creatures of intelligence and we can learn from their kindness.

Today and all days I trust that you will have inner peace and outward joy, so that you may choose wisely in your life and endeavors. There are many choices to be made, many paths to take. We’re all together on this one after all. Consider this: there are seven billion people on the planet. You are not alone. No matter what. You. Are. Not. Alone. Even if you are alone in your car, or walking in a park; you are collectively experiencing another form of togetherness. Eckhart Tolle mentions this in his work as the ‘now’. He has several books using these principles, and if you’re into that, then I recommend you learn more.

When you’re having a rough go of things, if you’re able to find humor, it does help. Even just a quick service interruption from your own mind can alleviate whatever ails you; perhaps not all at once, perhaps not right away. Eventually though, the tumbler will begin to unlock for you, the individual reader here, and your pathway to your own journey can finally begin. Remember now, that at any moment your life can change. You can have everything handed to you on a silver platter, or just as easily have the rug pulled out from under you. This is both terrific and terrifying simultaneously.

So, little ones, bright stars of light. You’re at the corner of here & now; are you hearing to listen, or believing in the power of now? It’s your choice what to do about the matter. Whatever your circumstances or what life throws your way. How you cope and deal with it, is entirely your choice. Today, I will visit my seedling tree, and I will be grateful that I am alive. I will trust that perhaps it may not grow, and I will be ok with that. We humans learn together. We humans grow together. We humans are fruit from the same tree, just slightly different branches.

Our roots go back far longer than simple ancestry would lead us to believe. We are all connected on this big, beautiful blue marble; hurling through space, and passing the time.

Be well xx

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