wordsmith in wonderland

You can call,

You can write; eventually everything will be alright

It’s safe harbor in a storm

Sometimes an ear to hear reminds you, you’re not alone


national suicide hotline number

(Talk it out first 1-800-273-8255)


what works is words, it’s true

silence is uncertain

sounds still whistles through

wind down your atavistic galore

whilst sharpening the blade

an axe to grind so mighty

weighs heavily again

excuses only matter

when you’re ready for the end

all the words unspoken

they’ll never hear again

a noose is nothing more

than thirteen turns of phrase

children often wonder

when it’s happening again

silly then these string of pearls

cast down among the swine

bloody mess made by mary

a decision by design

sit silently and sip your tea

take the moment in

upon your contemplation

the answers are within

when you’re at the ready

you’ll finally make the call

if only then to realize

help is there after all

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