silly human

We live we learn

We stay for awhile

We laugh and cry

Sometimes with a smile

We’re at the crossroads

Of hear and now

Listen closely little ones

You’re hot

A fever pitch

What tone is that? A flat

Getting tired of all the being held back

We smoke to numb

We drink to please

We dance to breathe – oh what a scene

I feel the sword piercing underneath

Falling upon

Forward face

What is this notion writ across my face

Of a grinning sort, a grinning feat

Running towards shoreline

Sandy toes beneath

Who watches the watcher

When you’re alone on the porch

Sunny nightlife

Quiet approach

Wake up everybody

Time for thinking a head

Plan on arriving

Pretty late here for bed

I’ll wear a pretty sweater

In exchange for a tie

In an ugly sweater contest

Don’t ask me why

A series of events

Is about to unfold

Written, predicted

As was fortold

Castles made of sand

Fall in the sea


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