red alert

Sirens blaring

A familiar tune

Turn a phrase Tuesday


That’s something new

WTF Wednesday

What the hell is next

A battle of brimstone

A hellfire flex


Captain Picard proclaimed

Warp speed ahead

The borg are fast approaching

To assimilate the rage

The Vulcans cool and calm

Called upon the klingons

Open coms did alarm

(No one was harmed in the making of this film)

To find solace in space

By the wisdom of each race

Each voice has a place

At the table set for all

Psychology calls it priming

Somewhat under minding

Or those of us mind(ding)

Our own business

We say w00t! w00t! as well

Objections will be raised

Every hand in amaze

Perhaps a glossy gaze

‘Aww geez rick’

15 minutes tops right?

(Six. Hours. Later.)

The borg are still battling

The day not yet arrived

Somewhat of the mind

I’ve got word to do inside

Resistance is futile

So just have a nice day

Playing with words

Come what(ever) may

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