red alert

Sirens blaring A familiar tune Turn a phrase Tuesday Now That’s something new WTF Wednesday What the hell is next A battle of brimstone A hellfire flex Engage Captain Picard proclaimed Warp speed ahead The borg are fast approaching To assimilate the rage The Vulcans cool and calm Called upon the klingons Open coms did... Continue Reading →

behind blue eyes

Steely gaze unyeilding Darkest water appealing The depths of night revealing Wide open skies If i stopped longer to stare You might become aware My eyes hide no lies It may be a surprise To learn of the integrity Lost within infinity By points unknown The beauty shone In starlight here on loan What ache... Continue Reading →

silly human

We live we learn We stay for awhile We laugh and cry Sometimes with a smile We’re at the crossroads Of hear and now Listen closely little ones You’re hot A fever pitch What tone is that? A flat Getting tired of all the being held back We smoke to numb We drink to please... Continue Reading →

prove me wrong

Another good morning Grey cloudy skies Rain drizzling down I ask myself why Puzzles and questions An open source test I’ll grin and bear it Eventually getting rest Transmutation truth The alchemists had it wrong Lead does not turn to gold Melodic is the song Alas the purpose is only one-way Protective barrier from radioactive... Continue Reading →

systems online

Life in infinite wisdom Wears weary on the souls Technical technology tedious I’m certain they want to go home Overall i am impressed With their fortitude and pressed Suits Means something else In a closed system open Interesting by design

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