her name is alice

Waltzing whimsically Wondering when White rabbits will appear No time to say hello goodbye I’m late! I’m late! I’m late! Cartoonist expression calm Heart racing Setting pace & Heralding harking news Beating drum thrumming Think first then run Towards Traps & triggers Open and shut cases Cavorting with the counsel (Oh shit, we don’t exist... Continue Reading →

don’t / let me down / slowly

Another frenetic non-day Night beckons It’s gonna be one Hardly hanging on Watching sleeping sheep Huddle Hush hush at the scene Drivers and passengers In and out of their lanes Are they swerving for safety Or passing phrases Turning off switches intentionally Some more sensitive to sound than others Crossing paths, not lines Boundless boundaries... Continue Reading →

today and all days

Be well on the blue marble Heal from your ills World continues to rotate Return to the source All together now Gather your elements In the middle of nowhere A blank signpost reads After a while crocodile

of shoes and ships

Sun burns eternal Despite all the evidence Written in the stars What warms the cockles Gathered ultraviolet light Unseen by mortals There is an upside To this ship charting a course Un-capsized by sea See here on the map Another ventured captain Pre-marked the pathway By placing boulders Directly in front of you Roll them... Continue Reading →

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