invisible by design

Impossible they say

An overwhelming hill to climb

Pushing rocks uphill

Invisible by design

Graffiti artist marking territory

White walls marking snow

I see him outdoors

Standing out in the cold

Calmly i observe the scene

Warming my hands with a cup in-between

A sauna, sweltering

Cannot turn away

The sirens’ call exudes

An executive decision


No matter what it takes

The wisdom of the crowd

Will be shouted from every rooftop

& Repeated


By every pair of lips

Bearing gifts



Not even in the slightest

These philosophical principles

Already embedded in the heartstrings

Of every human

Invisible by design

I hear you from afar

Whilst singing a merry tune

To the tune of the melody

A harmonious choir attuned

All voices

Together as one

At the event to celebrate

There will be balloons


Filled to the brim

By hot air exhaled

Those talking heads finally put to good use

Everything has a place

Everyone in their place

In line with the plan

To agree on something

This is a worthwhile endeavor

To remember

A gentle reminder of kindergarten

When the ills of the world could be solved by

Someone else in charge of the toy box

Playing nice was the only option then

And now we see how

We learn to follow through

& we eventually learn every doorway

Some invisible by design

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