if you want love

It could be said

Interesting turns of phrases

Weird wondering in delusional wonderland

It’s not fair (NF) right?

If you want love

Ah, dear heart it is

‘All good’ she says

Soothing his weary head

Mother knows how to make it all better

Caregiver compassion

The compass that steers us north

Mine is not in my life, so I empathize

The only direction we know

Face the shadows and shit

Human terms and conditions

(Don’t cry)

What’s the matter little one?

It’s all in the mind

~ Anyhow ~

We’re all dreaming


That between the pain

Betwixt the obligation

That ultimately half a lifetime will lead you home

We all walk through fire

Through muck and mire

Tiny teacher beating our pride like a x wing fighter

Shooting stars and soliloquy

What to do with all this misery

& try try try we might

Silly untitled goose

Life is but a game

There is no try

A simple choice

To do, or do not do

There is no try little one

Get up again, rise with the sun

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