her name is alice

Waltzing whimsically

Wondering when

White rabbits will appear

No time to say hello goodbye

I’m late! I’m late! I’m late!

Cartoonist expression calm

Heart racing

Setting pace


Heralding harking news

Beating drum thrumming

Think first then run


Traps & triggers

Open and shut cases

Cavorting with the counsel

(Oh shit, we don’t exist here)

Party crashing the tea & welcomed to stay

Don’t have the time

Lest the ship sail away

{this timeline is when worlds collide}

5000 powerful men proclaim

Past and present future

Simultaneously coexist

Driving ever long into the midst

It’s worth the efforts expended

Kind souls soon depart

Again – rinse and repeat

A learned helpfulness from the start

Cleaning the house

& I don’t quite understand why

These ants are in the freezer

Don’t they know it’s entrapment

Encased within the cold

Gone sovereign in the absolute zero

These bastards are bold

Ants! ARRG!

There’s nothing in there to consume

So weird this natural course

What’s one to do?

Life is messy

We simply clean it up

Now the evening quiet

Allows for me to read

Delicious legal legislation

Tasty mind candy

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