don’t / let me down / slowly

Another frenetic non-day

Night beckons

It’s gonna be one

Hardly hanging on

Watching sleeping sheep


Hush hush at the scene

Drivers and passengers

In and out of their lanes

Are they swerving for safety

Or passing phrases

Turning off switches intentionally

Some more sensitive to sound than others

Crossing paths, not lines

Boundless boundaries

Swiss alps, net neutral

Buzzards circle overhead

Going for the jugular

Juggling coffee with

Clowning around

What a somber seriousness

Of sipping situation

Spilling the tea & thinking

Wouldn’t it be great

If we could read each mind?


Open welcome

Some reasons rhyme

We are irrational creatures


Intent on laying down precieux

Prone to

Precise diagnosis

To use later

Justification juxtaposition

We must be an expert with something

Called nothing

Sounds like arbitrary

Actions and motives

Somewhere, somehow, sometime

Why listen to the ballerina

Spinning delicate in the music box

When one circles back around

It’s not like any of it matters

When you could just as easily justify

The off centered quality of the conversation

Warblers warp and woof

An animal planet

A beautiful blue marble

Head & heart human

Soul bound and tied

To the halo of hurt

A heads-up headache

Splitting sensory sensation

Is it worth the trouble

To have your head cracked open

Only to find that

Secrets have been laid bare for

Buttoned up lips and

Heartless cold shoulders

Spread gossip like wildfire

What form following functional format

Is this?

Oh wisdom of the crowd

A simple spark to ignore

It’s something else naturally

It’s always something else

Naturally obtuse

A skewing angle of perception

Perhaps hangry hurts

Who knows

Welcome to a brand new day

The dawn approaching

Critical mass collision with sparks

Out of state sending

A journey into unknown territories

Where Alice states her name and rank

Filing into place behind the looking glass

Silent observer circling

Back to callers on the other line

Walking, wondering, whilst waltzing whimsically

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