a perfect pet rock encircled

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed*

Hounds of hell in hand

A voice unreasonably commands

Inner knowing spans

Across all time and space

The age of reason

Probably two or three

Unless service is interrupted

Then the gift becomes a lifetime battle

Up on a hill and directly behind

Leaving notes in form and function

Delicate inner knowing

Undeterred by illogical logic

Two ships pass in the dead of night

Brightest light illuminated by

Footfalls on a dark and stormy night

One riding shotgun

The other taking names

Big deal talking in tongues

Real deal taking it all in

It’s the quiet ones that speak the loudest

Making inhumane sounds

Teaching others

To appreciate the value of silence

Lesson lost in translation

Disturbing tender moments

Screech sounding across desert lands

The man in black leads the other astray

Directly into the fire, across the foray

*This line is the opener for a 8 book series (if you count the wind through the keyhole) from Steven King; called ‘The Gunslinger’. This series is epic, full of win, and highly recommended. It’s one of my favorite reads ever. I remember waiting impatiently between the third and fourth (and so on and so forth) as they were still in the works. Ever have a train wreck cliffhanger that you wait YEARS for it to end/find resolution?!?

Yes, that’s the good stuff right there. Good things come to those who wait.

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