if you want love

It could be said Interesting turns of phrases Weird wondering in delusional wonderland It’s not fair (NF) right? If you want love Ah, dear heart it is ‘All good’ she says Soothing his weary head Mother knows how to make it all better Caregiver compassion The compass that steers us north Mine is not in... Continue Reading →

a perfect pet rock encircled

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed* Hounds of hell in hand A voice unreasonably commands Inner knowing spans Across all time and space The age of reason Probably two or three Unless service is interrupted Then the gift becomes a lifetime battle Up on a hill and directly behind... Continue Reading →

ain’t no sunshine

Muddy paw prints here Enthusiastically loved Dogs are man’s best friend White egret in view Green fields, horn of plenty Music walks on by Sitting with my tree Deep hibernation till spring Habit is growing Connecting people Is something we are good at Gifted universe The present moment Exactly what its saying Still is quite... Continue Reading →

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