Thirteen seconds

Counting down, slow exhale Relaxing into position Sitting cross-legged in the dark Refusing to wobble in the light Who are you now, knocking so fervently suddenly opposed to the absence Why didn’t you say something while I was there?

Interactive 3D

In a perfect world, each transaction would be fair a balanced understanding of exchange Instead there’s social currency and trap doors leading towards an abysmal outcome not so ideal now, swimming in the inky depths towards uncertainty, where banks resurfaced; harsh footholds still quietly finding purchase there are many ways forward some over under wandering... Continue Reading →

Snakes and ladders

You can’t use that metric, nor count cards and reach the same total It’s not possible, not in an impossible way; in the No, look, really, It doesn’t add up- Think of it like going room to room in your house & expecting different furniture to appear when you arrive It is what it is... Continue Reading →

Captain rainbow face to the rescue

Four times today “Randomly” saying hello Staging rental reinforcements & generally just annoying my perceptions It’s obvious- Looking for reasons where there are none I could be off in my thinking Except for the last sixteen months We’d have never said a word in passing


It starts from within each one a capacity for internal transformation Increasing with each influx & released taking with it, data those long bits trailing filling drives and motivating circuits In open and shut ways

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