Fighting for Namesakes

Dollars and common sense both not to be trifled with rules of engagement properly set tone down any discontent through actionable steps assuring best practices will undoubtedly carry one further than empty-handed promises

Fingerprint Sequencing

Whorls & Loops Scan your hand Beep beep beep No more ink Each one unique Individualism in each digit Confirming identity with a widget Cross-checking and referencing Index (& the rest) Comparison against a backdrop Of That-which-does-not-align-with-the-system Spitting out results Based on uniform classification

hold the phone

possession is 9/10ths of the law, that last little bit now owned by another & outflanks our supposed notion of ownership our body is not ours though we inhabit it now talking through wires like it’s all connected to the web of worldwide don’t be surprised when we’re left holding the phone *dial tone* “we’re... Continue Reading →


eight greats ago one died in a storm on the high seas i never understood why i have this irrational fear of the ocean perhaps i am remembering a genetic retelling of blood archives

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