You’re born, somehow (Take your pick on creation) There’s the before time When memory begins & the hourglass starts Life happens & you’re told to do the things (what things? why?) In this version you’re left to your own devices There is no mother, no father, no kin (no instructions, no safe harbor) Many well-wishers... Continue Reading →

India in Texas

Tiger! Tiger! roaming light, in the suburbs of the night, what immortal watchmen’s eyes, could frame your fearful symmetry? In what distant suburban park, do you lurk here in the dark? What if we to take to skies, and spy the tiger with our eyes? What the bullhorn, and the chains, to capture roaming feline... Continue Reading →


You’re at it again, fingers flying across the board all the numbers flowing an atmospheric river of data taking feedback and relaying the results they read zero plus everything else you can find

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